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Monday, December 31, 2018

Dream Of Flight

Hello Everyone.

A brief introduction about Dream Of Flight. We are a group of pilots flying all kind of aircrafts from small to big who enjoy promoting aviation to the general public through joy flights, chat sessions, charity events etc.

As for myself, I am a Singaporean and have great interest in flying since I was about 20 years old. Took up my first flying lesson in Australia and never regretted it. I continue to pursue my passion and career for flying as an ex flying instructor and present commercial pilot.

So we hereby invite anyone interested to take up the above challenges to email us at: admin@dreamofflight.org to register your interest and we will add you to the mailing list for any future events.

(Do apologise if we do not get back to you as we have currently stop the joy flight program but might restart it when the opportunity arises.)

Details Required in the email:

A brief background about yourself with regards to flying:

Details of the joy flight:

Location: Senai Airport Johor Malaysia
Duration: Approx. 30mins / flight
Aircraft: 4 seater or 2 seater plane.

Piper 28

Click Here for direction to Senai Airport Johor from Singapore.

Looking forward to inspire you!


Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Journey to Becoming a Pilot - Part 13

The visit to the Carcassonne Castle was exciting as it was the first time I visited a real castle that was kept in a very good shape. Airbus conducts free tour on weekends with bus and tour guides provided for free which is a very good time away from studies.

Carcassonne Castle (France)

The next week we did our performance exams followed concurrently with our MFTD sessions before proceeding to the Full Flight Simulator.


The MFTD is a very good device where it gave us the opportunity to learn about the flow scans and flying with automation at a cheaper cost as compared to operating the Full Flight Simulator.

The last phase of our training was of course in the Full Flight Simulator where we did all the manoeuvres training required followed by a LOFT session and a Final Check by an Authorised Examiner. The learning path was intensive but the final result was satisfying in the 5 weeks of training with Airbus Training Center Toulouse.

Full Flight Simulator

After finishing our check, we were on our way back to Singapore where we will convert our license to a Singapore one and start our line training. I remembered on the way back, we flew past midnight (1st Jan) where we saw fireworks below us over Paris. Beautiful..

To be continued...

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Ask A Pilot Program 2018

We will be giving free consultation session with our pilot team in a very small group. During this session, you can ask our pilot any aviation related questions, finding out more about the life of a pilot or seeking the career path towards achieving your goal etc.

The main objective of setting up this initiative is so that we could provide more regular sessions as we see the demand increasing over the years.

If you are interested to attend, please send us an email at: admin@dreamofflight.org Once we have the required number of participants, we will organise the meeting place.

Looking forward to meeting you and of course also helping in any aspect we can.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Journey to Becoming a Pilot - Part 12

The next one week was theory component of the aircraft. Everyday at 9am, we will go to a room where we will use our laptop to study the aircraft systems through an interactive software. The good thing is you can study at your own pace but it really require concentration and discipline. There is a tutor on duty and we can ask him questions if we had any doubt.

At 5pm, we will knock off and go back to the hotel. Basically back at the hotel, I will still be reading through the systems as the time was actually quite short and we will be scheduled for an exam at the end of the week.

For me, learning the systems of an entirely new aircraft was not easy. I have no previous experience in jet aircraft with all the complicated electrical, hydraulic, pneumatic systems. I only flew a 4 seater piston engine aircraft and now i am learning to fly a 180 seater commercial jet.

Although tough, this small thought that i could one day pilot my passengers to their destination safely continue to spur me till this day.

The date has come for our exam. The exam was conducted on school laptop and the layout similar to the interactive software that we had studied for the past 5 days. We could skip a question and go back to them later if we were stuck. The scary part is after completion of the exam, a click of a button will give us our result instantly. Fortunately, me and my partner passed!

Next week we will start our aircraft performance theory as well as introduction to the non motion touch screen flight deck where we will learn the procedures of the aircraft.

For now, time for a celebration at our new favorite restaurant which is run by an elder couple who serve really authentic vietnamese dishes. One more thing to look forward to is we will have a free tour organized by the school during the weekend and we will be visiting an old castle…cant wait….(To be continued)

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Charity Joy Flight

Dear All,

We are organizing a Charity Joy Flight Event for you, your friends and family members to have a taste of flying in a 4 seater Piper aircraft.

What this aim to achieve is that each flight you experience, the fund will be given to the next less privileged youth to experience the same flight that you did. So you will not only enjoy the flight, you know someone after you will benefit as well!

If you are interested to attend, the next event will be held on the: (TBA), Senai Airport Johor. Send your email to: admin@dreamofflight.org to register your interest.

Looking forward to share the sky with you!

Charity Joy Flight Sept 2012
Charity Joy Flight Sept 2012

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Dream of Flight and Singapore Children Society Movie Event

Dream of Flight held a movie event for the Singapore Children Society on the 30th Nov 2013 at Golden Village Vivocity.

Screening Title

The concept of this event is to sponsor the youths/children and their families for a fun and fulfilling day with a movie event.

The event was a great success and thanking everyone that made it happen.

An enjoyable afternoon well spent with families.

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Journey to Becoming a Pilot - Part 11

Looking through my notes the other day while sorting out my drawer, I came across some old maps and flight plan that i used during my Private Pilot Licence days when i was learning how to fly long distance navigation training in Australia.

Map Planning

A short 2-3 hours flight will usually require say maybe a day of preparation time on the map and flight planning.

That was how important preparation is to a pilot. Every minute and second counts and every feature on the map plays a big part to getting lost or arriving at your destination.

A good flight plan will bring you to the way points very accurately even without looking outside, with just your watch to record the time and compass in the aircraft for your direction.

Considering the above was on a very nice day without any weather. Imaging half way through your journey, suddenly it starts to rain and you couldn't see outside, split second decision to either turn back or divert to another airport or waypoint will decide the outcome of yourself and your passengers.

Flight Plan

So with a good flight planning, the stress could all be focus on factors such as weather, technical fault etc. which we could not control during navigation flight.

Therefore to all the pilots learning navigation flying, please spend more time on the ground for preparation so that you can achieve a smoother, safer and more successful flight.

Monday, August 26, 2013

Aviation Knowledge 3


It has been a long time since I last posted due to busy schedule. Thank you for the continued support. Today we will discuss on an interesting topic: Aircraft Cabin Doors.

I have many friends and even colleagues asking me this question before,” Can we open the cabin door during flight?” 

What do you think?

The answer is NO. This is because during flight at let’s say 35000Ft (11000m) The cabin is pressurized at about 8000Ft so that we can still continue our normal activities without the use of oxygen mask.

The pressure in the cabin is much higher than the pressure outside thus creating a pressure difference of about 8 Pound Square Inch (PSI). Lets look at the picture below.

As you can see above, the cabin door is open outward. Guys with some basic physics will understand that if the cabin pressure is higher than the outside pressure during flight, wouldn't it be easier for the cabin door to swing open? This is the part that confused many. 

Most commercial aircraft cabin doors are designed in a way that the door when opened, need to move inwards first before moving outwards. With 8PSI, even Arnie will have big problem moving an inch. Even if the door did managed to get open, which would not, the cabin door need to swing forward against the airflow during flight which would be even harder.

Having said and explained the above I hope your next flying experience can be a more assured and enjoyable one. However please do not attempt to try and open the cabin door during flight to test the system as any manipulation of aircraft safety equipment is a federal offense. 

Monday, March 25, 2013

Journey to Becoming a Pilot - Part 10

14 hours of flight time to Europe was long but my next step of life was just about to begin. When we reached our destination, me and my partner was a little lost as there were no pickup for us. We called the hotel which we were assigned to stay and they told us they will send a transport over.

When we reached the hotel, it was not too bad. Big room with a garden view. I like it especially when I can open the window because I prefer fresh air to air-con. It was winter and the cool air just makes the whole room fresher. As it was a free day, and we only have lesson the next day, we decided to explore the surrounding. We went to the nearby supermarket and bought some instant noodles, drinks, toiletries etc. It was a nice and quiet town and we spent the evening in a nearby chinese restaurant where they have plenty of variety to choose from. Only thing was, the food's cold and we got to microwave the dishes which wasn't very healthy in my opinion.

Day 2, woke up early at 0630am and met up with my buddy for free breakfast at the hotel lobby. It was the typical english breakfast which was not 5 star but reasonable. I love the orange juice maker where you can see the orange rolled into the machine and eventually becoming the juice at the bottom. After breakfast, a van drove us to the training center where we will spent the next 5 weeks in.

We assembled in a room where there were many other students. We wrote down our particulars and also took a photo for our pass. Thereafter we had an introductory talk from the center and also a tour around the premises. The cafeteria was quite nice like a food court and food pricing was reasonable when we produce out pass. First day was quite relaxing and soon we returned back to the hotel and later met up for dinner at the same place again…not much choices as you might have already guessed.

After dinner, I watched a little TV, bathed and lied down on the bed, thinking to myself if I could overcome the tough training which lies ahead. I guessed I just had to take each step at a time and do my very best….
(To be continued)