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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Journey to Becoming a Pilot - Part 1

Date was July 13th 2002. I just completed my National Service and had already enrolled myself in the bachelor course of information technology in QUT Brisbane Australia. I was still young, not knowing what i want to do in life or what i want to be in the future.

So here i was in my cozy bedroom in downtown brisbane sharing the apartment with my housemate which was also from the same polytechnic in singapore. Flipping through old magazine, suddenly i came across this magazine with an aircraft on the cover. Looking through the content an article caught my eye, which was an introductory flight conducted by one of the local aero club.

The Gardens Apartment

Immediately i knew i have to give it a try, as flying had always been behind the back of my mind after i tried out for the air force interview 2 yrs ago but did not make it (more on that later).

So i found a bus that brought me from downtown straight to the airport which is called Archerfield. Journey took about an hr there, alighting from the bus i could see planes flying in the sky and the breeze + the nice weather just made it picture perfect.

I walked down the road, saw many clubs and after 5 buildings or so i found the one that was in the magazine. Royal Queensland Aero Club.

Royal Queensland Aero Club

I was greeted by this old guy who seemed to be like an instructor. I told him my interest in the joyride and he said no problem , he will take me up for a ride. He took his gear and gave me a headset and off we went to the aircraft. The aircraft i remembered was a Cessna 152 and he did some checks, drain some fuel, and after 5 mins told me to hop on. I was listening to him doing all the checks, following a checklist and at the same time talking to someone over the radio which of course now i know it was the tower controller at the airport.

The moment we lifted off the runway, the feeling was exhilarating. For the first time, i felt like i was part of the air around me. I felt like a bird just that i don't have wings to flap. This was totally different from big commercial planes you took. We flew to about 2000 feet which was about 700 meters, i could see many cars below us and people that seems so small.

Archerfield Airport

After the ride, without hesitation, i signed up for the PPL program and started my journey of flying which i never regretted...(to be continued)

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