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Thursday, December 23, 2010

First Joy Flight Event - 23rd Dec 2010

Held our first joy flight event on a thursday morning 23rd Dec 2010. Met up the team consisting of myself, Taige and Jason at seletar airport about 9am, did our paper work and clearances then went through the custom for our flight departing from Seletar Airport to Senai International Airport Johor Bahru.

After the pre flight inspection, we were ready to move out and everyone hopped into the aircraft with excitement.

Checklist for Engine Start
Taxying for Departure out of Seletar

The flight to Senai took about 25mins and giving us good views of the johor straits and many landmarks which i could not post due to security reasons. Come experience it yourself in future joy flight if you want to see the breath taking views.

Maintaining Altitude of 3500 feet
After landing in Senai International Airport, we went to do our arrival custom clearance and Jason was so lucky to receive a regular pass on his passport meaning in future if he were to fly into malaysia, he do not need any stamp on his passport, quite a cool souvenir i would say. 

Departure out of Senai was basically the same and we arrived in Seletar again approximately at 1pm.                                                                                               Overall i guess everyone enjoyed the day and definitely looking forward to the next one soon.

Do not forget to send in your interest if you want to experience this once in a lifetime chance for free!

Final Approach into Seletar Runway 03

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Journey to Becoming a Pilot - Part 2

Every week without fail, i will travel to archerfield to take my dose of flying lesson. I learned the basic of flying the plane, learned how to communicate with other pilots. One fine day after about 15 flights with my instructor, suddenly while flying as usual he asked me to stop at the side of the runway, opened the door and told me to go fly one round and land the plane by myself. Wow..i cant believe i am actually going for my First Solo.

The feeling was sensational, for the first time i felt lighter, quieter and alone. Many thoughts came into my mind such as what if i cant land the plane, what if i need help but all these went away as i took off turned left then came back to land with an almost perfect landing. Till today i still remember this feeling and ask any pilot out there i am sure everyone of them will never forget their first solo.

After about 1 year, i obtained my private pilot license which allowed me to fly to anywhere in australia and to bring anyone i liked to have. This feeling of freedom was cool. As i had finished my studies in australia and graduated, i returned to singapore looking for a job. I tried working in office job but after a year or so i felt that this was not for me.

I yearned to fly again and the thought of maybe getting a flying job could come through? I searched the internet and came across the cadet pilot scheme on singapore airlines website which was a course fully sponsored. Without hesitation i applied for it. About 2 weeks later, i received an email from them to come down for an interview and the joy i had at that time was unimaginable.

Spent the remaining time i had studying the company profile, aircraft knowledge and finally the day came and i dressed up as smart as i could and went for it....( To be continued )