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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Journey to Becoming a Pilot - Part 4

Driving in my silver Toyota Vios, i took about 4 hours to reach Kuala Lumpur. Checked into this apartment called Holiday Villa. It was a nice apartment like a studio costing about $100 per night. Once I settled myself down, I went to meet my instructor to be Capt Z. He is a nice guy, told me the outline of the syllabus and what I was expected to do.

So basically to be an instructor we were required to complete about 30 hours of flying training a student. At the same time complete some instructional technique briefings to show the competency in holding a class of students.

Everything seems nice but the problem started a few days later when I still had not started any form of training. I tried contacting Capt Z but he was so busy that I kept getting delays from his side. Eventually our schedule was like maybe flying 1 hour a week and sometimes non at all. Life was tough and slow. I had no other options but to tolerate and go with the flow. Soon I could not hold on to the cost of living as my resources were depleting. I went searching for another cheaper accommodation which was the YMCA KL. It was charging about $20 per night which could help me last longer in my stay although the location wasn't really very pleasant.

I spent my idle time studying and reading all the notes. Prepare myself really hard and waiting for the call from my instructor to tell me he was free for flying. Waiting game was really annoying and tested a lot of my patience. Eventually after about 3 months, I completed my course and I was so happy! Test date was to be arranged in Johor with my flying club and the examiner will be Capt A. I drove back to Singapore shack but happy it was over.

Spent the 1 month revising as well as waiting for the test. When the day came, I went to fetch the examiner from senai airport in johor. Drove him to the club and started my test. The test consisted of a briefing on the lesson we were supposed to conduct on that day which was Stalling. After the brief, went to the aircraft and did the lesson on Stall treating him like a student all the way till we landed. I thought the lesson was quite ok. During the debrief, he looked at my logbook and told me my flying was ok, but he was not very happy with the 30 hours I accumulated during my training in KL. He was like thinking that 30 hours was minimum and wanted more like maybe 35 hours. So he told me to go back to Capt Z again and clock 5 more hours and I did not make it for the test.

Another failure..it was tough, thinking of going back to KL again made me want to give up. Of course I did not, through the advice from Capt AL (CFI Elite) and a few friends, I went back to KL to continue my 5 hours of training with Capt Z. This time it took me another 1 month to complete. The best part was, at this very moment, the department of civil aviation of malaysia, came out with a new rule that all flying instructor to be must complete 6 subjects of exam before they can apply for the test. Now I must study 6 subjects before I can book a test date. The next month or so I went around asking for materials to study for the exams and preparing for them. When I was ready, booked a test date for the exams and went to KL again to do the exams. When the results came out I was so happy I passed all 6 subjects in the first attempt! I quickly arranged a test date and it was to be in July 2004.

Capt A came down again and we did the same test but this time it was another topic on Effects of Control. After the flight he was satisfied and told me I made it! I was so happy to hear that. Now I am a Flying Instructor and my aviation career finally started. Total training duration (Mar-July).

I took my first student on the 4th of Aug 2004 and the first flight we did was some circuits flying..it was memorable and my life as an instructor in johor began…(To be continued)

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