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Monday, July 18, 2011

Joy Flight Event with Care Haven Johor Bahru

Was very fortunate to be able to hold a joy flight for the youths from Care Haven.

It was a beautiful Saturday morning and I was supposed to meet Mr Tham and the youths at the Care Haven office to conduct a briefing. Unfortunately, I was caught in the jam to Johor and in the end could only meet them at the airport and I had to conduct the briefing at the club office. Luckily my 2 buddies, Alan and Thomas was there earlier to help me facilitate the group.

Anyway with no delay the briefing was conducted.

Briefing on the basic aerodynamics
After the briefing, we all proceeded to the hangar to meet the 2 Piper Warrior plane that we will be using for the joy flight.

Walking to the plane
I was helping out with last minute explanation of how the wings work while Alan and Thomas prepares the planes for flight.
Explaining how aileron works
Thomas getting ready..

Alan getting ready..
The flight took about 20minutes flying to the East and West training area. When I saw the youths face beaming after the flight, I was very sure they enjoyed the experience. Hope this event could make them want to study harder and for those interested to become a pilot also in the future.

Returning from flight

Special thanks to Mr Tham for believing in our team to conduct this event as well as his patience waiting for many months before this could take place. Also thanking Elite Flying Club for tolerating with our demands and also leasing us 2 beautiful planes.

Group Photo

Hope the next event could take place soon and really looking forward.

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