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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Journey to Becoming a Pilot - Part 7

As I slowly progress through my instructor career, I started accumulating flying hours as well. As I only hold a Private Pilot Licence, I need to upgrade to a Commercial Pilot Licence and also to get my Multi Engine Instrument Rating before I can at least be eligible to apply for the airlines. So the requirement at that time in Malaysia was to have at least 500 Hours of flying time before I can apply to sit for the CPL Exams.

After some time, I did accumulate that 500 hours and went to apply to sit for the exams. I still remembered there were like 6 Local papers and 8 UK papers to pass. I studied really hard but without proper guidance and relying on self study, I only managed to pass all papers after 3 attempts. Which was a lot of money wasted and also time traveling to KL each time I had to take an exam. After the CPL exam was completed, I know I still had to do the Airline Transport Pilot Licence papers which was the same as the 8 UK papers but at the ATPL level. So back to books again for the next few months and surprisingly, I passed all 8 papers at one attempt this time.

That was just the theory part. Now i had to do a flight test with an examiner to complete my training to obtain a CPL. Waited for another few months before I can arranged for an examiner to come down to Johor to do my flight test. The test went on quite smoothly and after about an hour, we landed and he congratulated me.

With a CPL in hand, next step will be to get my 35 hours of multi engine instrument training. As only major flying schools owns multi engine aircrafts in Malaysia, I had to apply to the flying school to do the training. I tried many schools and all told me they were fully booked. It was painful having to wait with no definite starting date. Then after some time, a school in Ipoh called Integrated Training & Services started having this training with 1 multi engine aircraft. So I applied and they accepted me.

Time to move to Ipoh. 6 hours driving time. Stayed in a hotel reasonably nice and went to report to school. The school was quite old and small and I saw many students wandering around. They gave me my uniform, epaulette, name tag and wing. A little not used to being a student again.

Every Morning we need to report to the school for FLAG RAISING and singing the national anthem. Of course I just stood there without singing haha. After that ceremony, we need to report to a classroom where everyday, a rotating student will give a morning brief, indicating the weather for today, schedule of flying, duty instructor and also the morning prayer. I am really feeling very unsettling. After all these, I thought great now we can do some real flying. That was not to be, as there were too many students and only 1 plane with really bad maintenance, i only managed to fly 1 hour in 1 month.

It was really tough, not flying. Reminded me of my earlier training in KL for my instructor rating. Waiting and waiting with money depleting. Soon I managed to have a couple of buddies and we played table tennis at the corner of the school every morning. One of my friend couldn't play at all so I had to teach him the basics. As time passes, his skill became better and we actually had some nice time sparring. To add matter worst now, with not much flying and student jumping to every opportunity to fly, it was like a tactical situation to put yourself in the top list. Started seeing students apple polishing the instructors, back stabbing one another etc..it was messy.

Suddenly at this crucial stage, I got called up to do my reservist! AGhh! I applied for deferment but was unsuccessful so got to go back to Singapore for 1 week. It was very sad time thinking of only having 1 hour out of 35 and also the opportunities wasted while I was away and serving the nation is confusing and hard time.
(To be continued...)

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