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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Journey to Becoming a Pilot - Part 8

Reading back on my previous post  (Journey to Becoming a Pilot - Part 1), I remembered mentioning I would share with you my experience applying as a trainee with the Singapore Air Force. Before I started training as a recruit in BMT, I have no knowledge of flying at all. It was after I started training in Tekong that the recruitment officers from the air force came to give us a career seminar. The seminar was quite impressive, giving us the opportunity to experience flying and also maybe eventually piloting one of the F-16 sounds too good to be true for a recruit. Therefore after consulting with my parents, I signed up.

The response from the recruitment side was quite swift, within a week I was called up to attend a 5 hrs psychomotor test which consist of many questions and things you have to do with a computer apparently to test your reflexes and response. It was tiring facing a computer for 5 hrs.

After the test, about another week, I was called up to attend the medical check. Thereafter, once you pass all these tests, an interview with the management will be arranged, which it happened to me.

I was dressed up in my smartest uniform and entered the meeting room, to my shocked, the long table consist of about 8-10 panel mostly high ranked officers (Maj and above) which I had never seen. The highest ranked officer I met so far was maybe my company OC - a Cpt.

Anyway I saluted them and sat on this one chair prepared for me opposite them. They asked me all kind of questions and I tried to answer them and also show my enthusiasm. After the interview, I waited in a room for the result. A lady came in and told me I made it for the interview and I was required to sign a provisional contract which I gladly did.

I was very satisfied and I still cant believe I am joining the air force. The remainder of my training in Tekong, I did my best to get the best grade. However when the posting came after the BMT, they told me I did not make it for OCS and so they could not accept me into the air force. It was quite a shock after all the tests that I had gone through.

After my posting to SISPEC, I continued to appeal but they just couldn't help me. So my hope diminished with the air force but my appetite to be a pilot grows.

I remembered I still tried to apply after my 2 1/2 yrs national service. However I was told by the recruitment officer that the computer system will reject me because I did not make it to OCS. I told them I do not mind restarting my whole training again if need be to go through OCS again…but to no avail.

I am still pondering how do they gauged if a person is suitable to fly if they do not even give them a chance to be in a plane. Time to look for other alternatives…which I did.

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  1. great blog! where's part 9..its an awesome read that journey to being a pilot of yours.. i think ive briefly met you before at EFC, then you moved to a local carrier in singapore..-sq906