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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Journey to Becoming a Pilot - Part 9

After my 1 week reservist, I returned to Ipoh to continue my flying training. The pace was still very slow. Not much flying, doing about 1-2 hours a week. After a few weeks, I realized I had to shift out of the hotel and look for an apartment to rent as I predicted the stay was going to be longer and that will help save some cost.

During my free time, I will look for career opportunities online. Through a kind friend, I got to meet up with a very kind samaritan who was also in the airline industry. He told me to apply to one of the airline as it was recruiting and I did. About a week later, I was quite surprised they replied to me and asked me to attend an interview and a simulator check. So I took some time off and went for the test which I eventually passed. However they could not take me in yet as I still need to complete my training in Ipoh.

At one particular day, I met one of the directors of the school Maj N, he was just passing by the school and he happened to speak to me, asking me how was my training going. I told him it was not very productive as there were too many students and not enough instructors and aircraft. Also i currently had a very good opportunity in Singapore and all I need to be accepted is to finish my training in Ipoh.

Maj N was very nice, he told me not to worry and whenever he was free, he will personally fly with me to help me complete my training. At that stage, I had only about 8 hours, Maj N would come fly with me during the weekends and it was really very nice of him to do that. Within a month, I completed all my 35 hours of multi-engine IR. I was so happy and also thankful to him.

Without delay, I settled all my housing and licensing paperwork and returned to Singapore. In the next few weeks, my new company arranged me for all the emergency, crm and first aid training lessons and eventually I was set to depart Singapore for my aircraft training oversea. It was fast pace and at the same time exciting as I was finally embarking on my dream of becoming a commercial pilot.

Till this day, I am still very much indebted to the 3 person above whom indirectly helped shaped my career. A BIG thank you!
(To be continued….)

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