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Monday, March 25, 2013

Journey to Becoming a Pilot - Part 10

14 hours of flight time to Europe was long but my next step of life was just about to begin. When we reached our destination, me and my partner was a little lost as there were no pickup for us. We called the hotel which we were assigned to stay and they told us they will send a transport over.

When we reached the hotel, it was not too bad. Big room with a garden view. I like it especially when I can open the window because I prefer fresh air to air-con. It was winter and the cool air just makes the whole room fresher. As it was a free day, and we only have lesson the next day, we decided to explore the surrounding. We went to the nearby supermarket and bought some instant noodles, drinks, toiletries etc. It was a nice and quiet town and we spent the evening in a nearby chinese restaurant where they have plenty of variety to choose from. Only thing was, the food's cold and we got to microwave the dishes which wasn't very healthy in my opinion.

Day 2, woke up early at 0630am and met up with my buddy for free breakfast at the hotel lobby. It was the typical english breakfast which was not 5 star but reasonable. I love the orange juice maker where you can see the orange rolled into the machine and eventually becoming the juice at the bottom. After breakfast, a van drove us to the training center where we will spent the next 5 weeks in.

We assembled in a room where there were many other students. We wrote down our particulars and also took a photo for our pass. Thereafter we had an introductory talk from the center and also a tour around the premises. The cafeteria was quite nice like a food court and food pricing was reasonable when we produce out pass. First day was quite relaxing and soon we returned back to the hotel and later met up for dinner at the same place again…not much choices as you might have already guessed.

After dinner, I watched a little TV, bathed and lied down on the bed, thinking to myself if I could overcome the tough training which lies ahead. I guessed I just had to take each step at a time and do my very best….
(To be continued)

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