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Sunday, October 13, 2013

Journey to Becoming a Pilot - Part 11

Looking through my notes the other day while sorting out my drawer, I came across some old maps and flight plan that i used during my Private Pilot Licence days when i was learning how to fly long distance navigation training in Australia.

Map Planning

A short 2-3 hours flight will usually require say maybe a day of preparation time on the map and flight planning.

That was how important preparation is to a pilot. Every minute and second counts and every feature on the map plays a big part to getting lost or arriving at your destination.

A good flight plan will bring you to the way points very accurately even without looking outside, with just your watch to record the time and compass in the aircraft for your direction.

Considering the above was on a very nice day without any weather. Imaging half way through your journey, suddenly it starts to rain and you couldn't see outside, split second decision to either turn back or divert to another airport or waypoint will decide the outcome of yourself and your passengers.

Flight Plan

So with a good flight planning, the stress could all be focus on factors such as weather, technical fault etc. which we could not control during navigation flight.

Therefore to all the pilots learning navigation flying, please spend more time on the ground for preparation so that you can achieve a smoother, safer and more successful flight.

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