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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Journey to Becoming a Pilot - Part 12

The next one week was theory component of the aircraft. Everyday at 9am, we will go to a room where we will use our laptop to study the aircraft systems through an interactive software. The good thing is you can study at your own pace but it really require concentration and discipline. There is a tutor on duty and we can ask him questions if we had any doubt.

At 5pm, we will knock off and go back to the hotel. Basically back at the hotel, I will still be reading through the systems as the time was actually quite short and we will be scheduled for an exam at the end of the week.

For me, learning the systems of an entirely new aircraft was not easy. I have no previous experience in jet aircraft with all the complicated electrical, hydraulic, pneumatic systems. I only flew a 4 seater piston engine aircraft and now i am learning to fly a 180 seater commercial jet.

Although tough, this small thought that i could one day pilot my passengers to their destination safely continue to spur me till this day.

The date has come for our exam. The exam was conducted on school laptop and the layout similar to the interactive software that we had studied for the past 5 days. We could skip a question and go back to them later if we were stuck. The scary part is after completion of the exam, a click of a button will give us our result instantly. Fortunately, me and my partner passed!

Next week we will start our aircraft performance theory as well as introduction to the non motion touch screen flight deck where we will learn the procedures of the aircraft.

For now, time for a celebration at our new favorite restaurant which is run by an elder couple who serve really authentic vietnamese dishes. One more thing to look forward to is we will have a free tour organized by the school during the weekend and we will be visiting an old castle…cant wait….(To be continued)

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