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Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Journey to Becoming a Pilot - Part 13

The visit to the Carcassonne Castle was exciting as it was the first time I visited a real castle that was kept in a very good shape. Airbus conducts free tour on weekends with bus and tour guides provided for free which is a very good time away from studies.

Carcassonne Castle (France)

The next week we did our performance exams followed concurrently with our MFTD sessions before proceeding to the Full Flight Simulator.


The MFTD is a very good device where it gave us the opportunity to learn about the flow scans and flying with automation at a cheaper cost as compared to operating the Full Flight Simulator.

The last phase of our training was of course in the Full Flight Simulator where we did all the manoeuvres training required followed by a LOFT session and a Final Check by an Authorised Examiner. The learning path was intensive but the final result was satisfying in the 5 weeks of training with Airbus Training Center Toulouse.

Full Flight Simulator

After finishing our check, we were on our way back to Singapore where we will convert our license to a Singapore one and start our line training. I remembered on the way back, we flew past midnight (1st Jan) where we saw fireworks below us over Paris. Beautiful..

To be continued...